Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is open right now!


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Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is back, with new dates added and spectacular new scenes! Tickets are on sale now! 

ON NOW in the City of London. Don’t miss out – due to demand over 6,000 new tickets have added and over 18,000 people have already booked their Martin adventure!

This is no ordinary experience. You’re not watching the story. You’re IN the story - blasted through 24 jaw-dropping scenes, full of holograms, live actors and 5D effects combine to make every second intensely real. 

Your 120 minute adventure takes you back to 1898 London to experience escaping a Martian Invasion with Jeff Wayne’s sensational Musical Version of The War of The Worlds as your soundtrack.

- Experience 9 tracks from the iconic double album brought to life, as if you were there.
- Martian themed cocktails in The Spirt of Man Bar and Red Weed interval Bar
- Meet your favourite characters (yes, Ogilvy will be there!)
- 5D Effects, Volumetric Holograms, VR
- Be IN the action - not just watching
- Multi Award-Winning including THEA award (Oscars of the Industry) 
- Fans say “If you love the music, you'll love this”, “a MUST Do for TWOTW fans”, “You’ll  kick yourself if you miss this”.